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I'm a female... I use this LJ for posting fanarts and fangirling purpose V(^_~)v


Sometimes I draw fanarts, my works usually up to PG-13, nothing too naughty or dirty :)


Final Fantasy VII
My new interest (May 2012). Cloud x Sephiroth, Vincent x Sephiroth ♥ Yes I love uke!Seph :D

Favorite : Kuchiki Byakuya ♥
Bleach Pairings: Hmm.. AnyGoodLookingMale/Byakuya is my preference 8D (Yes I'm huge fan of uke!Byakuya! XDDD~~~~~). In no particular order :
- TSUKISHIMA x BYAKUYA (yeah even if Tsuki is dying now -ch.473-, and probably confirmed really dead in next chap :P)
- Aizen x Byakuya
- Ichigo x Byakuya
- Grimmjow x Byakuya (crack? so what? XD)
- Senbonzakura x Byakuya
And others like Kenpachi, Ukitake, etc :D
I love Ichigo x Rukia, and Renji x Rukia, and The Kuchiki as siblings XD

Prince of Tennis
Obsession : Atobe x Tezuka ♥
Other favorites : Inui x Tezuka, Kite x Tezuka, Oshitari x Tezuka

Other :
Viewfinder (Mikhail Arbatov x Liu Fei Long ♥)
Animamundi (Georik Zaberisk in general, especially Dashwood x Georik ♥)
Eyeshield 21 (Hiruma ♥ Agon x Hiruma, Kid x Hiruma XD))
Get Backers (Ban x Akabane !!! xD)
Hakuouki (Kazama x Hijikata. LOL. Okay the yaoi fandom almost non-existent, what can I do I love them together orz... ;P)
Samurai Warriors 3 (Nobunaga x Mitsuhide, Motochika x Mitsuhide)
Hobbit / LotR (Thranduil x Legolas). Yes, yes I know who they are.

Feel free to friend or comment in this journal, but I'll only add you if we have fun conversations first ^_^
You don't say anything but I friend you back, I must know you somewhere ♥
If we have same interest it will be much fun ^_^ ♥ (make sure you can tolerate my OTPs XD)

95% of my entry are public, if you interested in my fanarts, well...nothing is f-locked :) It's HERE !!!

Here, I'm just brainless fangirl of my OTPs, most of the time XD

BAD ENGLISH, sorry. Don't expect any smart entry here :D

Uhmm.. in the case you defriend me because our fandom changed, or I am not functional as your f-list, it's okay... and forgive me that I am not much in LJ ^_^

♥ Byakuya-Aizen-Ichigo-Grimmjow ♥
graphic gift by luvly trimethoprim

Aizen x Byakuya is Rough Calm Love

Liu Fei Long sexy luvbar made by trimethoprim

TezuAto luvbar made by sailorstarsun

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